About Us

We are a movement of hope transforming communities by developing and deploying African American leaders, planting & revitalizing churches, advancing biblical justice and restoring families. This is our Vision & Mission!


There is tension in the Earth. Our nation is crying out for real change. The hour demands more of all of us. We cannot go back to what was our norm pre-Covid. There is a demand to release the Body of Christ into their purpose and personal mission to make disciples.

The National Black Fellowship

As with other Ethnic Fellowships within The Assembly of God, the majority
of our constituents represent our racial and cultural heritage, which is Black.
What we are does not limit what we do nor where we go nor whom we embrace.

All Ordained Black and other Ministers Pastoring a predominantly Black congregation
(over 50% black) holding accredited fellowship certificates may be members.

All Black Congregations (50% greater) affiliated with Assemblies of God
may be members of The National Black Fellowship.

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The National Black Fellowship of The Assembly of God (NBFAG)

We Are Better Together

In June 2022 the NBF co-sponsored the very first “We Are Better Together” conference with a focus on strengthening the partnership between the General Council, the 66 Districts and our 24 Ethnic/ Language Fellowships.  All three ministry entities have the goal of serving, resourcing and facilitating the work of every Assemblies of God local church. […]

Wave is Coming!

There is a wave coming our way!  It is estimated that there will be 3,000-5,000 lead pastoral transitions and resignations in the next 5-10 years (mostly coming from the Baby Boomers generation).  If ever there was a time for churches to plan for the future, that time is now. Doug Clay and Ron McManus recently founded Legacy […]

Ethnic Regional Conference ::: NEXT

The first Regional Conferences with the theme NEXT, will be held in 2023. Minneapolis was the site in May 2023. New York will be the second regional conference site on June 12-13. (Additional regional conferences in both Northern California and Southern California are in final planning stages.)  These conferences provide leadership workshops on engaging the next […]

Black Life Matters (From Womb to Tomb)

As a pastor or ministry leader how do you build a foundation of life in your church and community? God created each one of us in His image and intended for all human lives to matter and to thrive. Black lives have been impacted and even cut short as a result of criminal justice, health […]