January 31, at 7:00PM, Central :: Special NBF Business Meeting & Mini WI+H Connect

At this business session, we will introduce these very important resolutions along with other business. “The Executive Board took action during the pandemic to return to office the President and Secretary.  Both officers were up for election in 2020.

Tronn Moller

During our meeting we will experience a mini version of the WI+H Connect:


What is a WI+H Connect?

Our WI+H Connect functions to share the heart and mission behind the WI+H Movement. This is our regular space for change makers in the faith community to come together. You will have an opportunity to learn WI+H’s methods from expert practitioners and how to live Biblical justice outside of the walls of the church


Tronn has been consulting with leaders for community change for over 25 years and Professor of history at Delgado Community College for 16 years.  He serves as our WI+H Education Coordinator serving and coaching leaders and entrepreneurs across the nation who want to make an impact and transform communities.

Zoom link will be emailed to pre-registrants the week of January 24