Our Vision & Mission

We are a Movement of Hope transforming communities by developing and deploying African American leaders, planting & revitalizing churches, advancing biblical justice and restoring families. 

Strategic Goals

  We value and are committed to:

Diversity— diversity in accordance with Revelation 7:9

Leadership development— Recruiting, equipping and deploying leaders

Partnership— Those who engage with our mission

Biblical Justice— Justice according to Micah 6:8 and Isaiah 56:1

Resourcing— Mentor, network and support

Church Growth— Plant and revitalize churches

Next Generation— Valuing the voice of, engaging, and providing opportunities

  What We Provide To Our Constituents

“The NBFAG is a place for urban ministries and multi-ethnic leaders to connect, network, train and partner to reach under resourced communities for Christ.”

   Statement of Being

The National Black Fellowship is one of the many approved ethnic fellowships in the General Council of the Assemblies of God. God’s vision of diversity and unity in Revelation 7:9 “a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language“ is clearly seen in these endorsed ethnic fellowships. As with the other ethnic fellowships, the majority of our constituents represent our racial and cultural heritage, which is Black. What we are, does not limit what we do, where we go, or whom we embrace. We are strategically reaching major cities in America; creating diversity and fostering reconciliation within the kingdom of God; recruiting and empowering the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders; planting and strengthening local churches and ministers in partnership with all ethnicities and in cooperation with District offices.

For The Cause Of Christ,

Walter Harvey, NBF President


The WI+H Movement is our main focus as we partner with others to transform the environments, education, and economics within the toughest and most dangerous cities in America through church planting, community revitalization, and raising indigenous leaders.

Upcoming Hope Talks

Join us as we tackle the topic of “Sister in the Marketplace and Ministry”. We go live at 1 pm EST, Monday, September 14th. You can catch this Virtual Hope Talk on Facebook and youtube. Visit nbfag.org today and sign up for our e-mail list to never miss a “VHT”.

Hosted by;
NBF Vice President, Dr. Darnell Williams

Register to our e-mail list to never miss a virtual hope talk as well as stay connected to the NBF movement.

The NBF leads a movement of hope across urban America. Join us on Monday, May 11th at 7CST. This time our topic will be, “Answering the Call to Ministry (During and After the COVID Crisis). We will be joined by Chancellor, George Neau, who will talk to us about how the COVID pandemic presents an urgency and the opportunity for unprecedented ministry to people and how to open doors for the next generation of ministry leaders.

Power to Rise (A Special afternoon of empowHERment with Nona Jones, Facebook Executive)
Monday, June 1st – 1:00PM CST

Disruptive Compassion (Becoming the Revolutionary You Were Made to Be) with Hal Donaldson, Convoy of Hope
Monday, June 8th – 7:00PM CST

COVID-19 has changed virtually every aspect of our lives (work, school, family, and church). We are unsure what the world will look like post-pandemic. What will the NBF look like in the future? Catch the Vision from the mouth and mind of our visionary leader, Walter Harvey, NBF President on the next VHT,