Detroit W//Studio! More than 15 churches together

February 24th and 25th the WI+H team headed to Detroit for a WI+H Studio. The studio was led by strategist and expert practitioner Tronn Moller. Detroit Leaders delved into the needs of your communities and received insight and strategy for addressing pain points within them.

Bishop Harvey shared some of his key motivations and points of repentance that led him to go from being a IN/TO/FOR leader to being WI+H. To read more about Bishop Harvey’s journey check out this article about his perspective in Influence Magazine.

Day 2 of the W// Studio Lead Pastors and ministry teams got an opportunity to assess their mission and vision for gospel saturation in their neighborhoods. 

In March Detroit leaders participated in the Cohort experience post Studio. Our time was provoking and inspiring. Teams had already begun moving on the vision and dream they had laid out during the W// Studio in February. 
We celebrated your moments of success and movement, including the following:

  • Establishment of connections with key stakeholders in the community to listen and lean into community needs
  • New collaborative doors opening with organizations and businesses in your communities
  • Shifting in mindset away from a to/for into a WI+H mindset.

We reviewed the benefits of mapping including:

  • Asset mapping to get a better picture of the geographical assets available to help you fulfill your visions.
  • Mapping assists us in developing strategy and models for gospel saturation in our communities. It helps us to clearly see what we need and where we are.

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