Message From the President's Desk

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year from the National Black Fellowship Office and Team. Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

This is the season we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a season of succession and transition for me. Last year, I began a Lead Pastor’s succession plan at Parklawn AG, where Judy and I have pastored for the past 27 years. God has blessed us as servant leaders to our congregation and community and we will still serve them in a new capacity in 2020 and beyond. Parklawn is sending us out in an Apostolic role. Some church cultures use the term Pastor Emeritus. Our next season will allow us to fully serve the churches and people in the NBF and for me to lead the NBF’s new initiative REACH 25 as the Executive Director. We are not retiring but are repositioning! You might be asking why we would reposition from a great church at this time? Here is why? I grieve daily from the stories of the plight, poverty, and pain of people in America’s inner cities? These communities and my own city Milwaukee, are in critical times. The problems did not just happen overnight. They are a result of many factors over many decades. Matthew 13:25 says “but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way”. The Church, our para-church and mission organizations have been asleep on the people and to the pain in these places. This is why I am committing the next half of my life and ministry to the vision of the NBF. The National Black Fellowship of the Assemblies of God is a Movement of Hope
that is desperately needed. The NBF has a solution and strategy, REACH 25 (learn more below). This endeavor relies upon the person and power of the Holy Spirit because of these
cities suffer under demonic strongholds and oppression. Yet the endeavor also will require courageous conversations of how we approach church planting, non-profit outreach, economic development, taking personal responsibility, casting a fresh vision, and developing committed partnerships. I am inviting you, your church and organization to join us in redeeming souls and transforming communities. We need your help. We need more churches, like Parklawn, to make lead financial gifts to the NBF in order to transform lives and communities in urban America. Get more information on REACH 25 HERE